Being pregnant when you have a dog

When we could finally tell our nearest and dearest the amazing news that we were having a bubba, they were all super excited and over the moon for us but their attentions quickly turned to Rupert. Honestly, we never thought that so many people would respond along the lines of “oh my goodness that’s amazing” followed quickly by “how do you think Rupert will cope”. It was as though Rupert was an older sibling awaiting the new arrival of a baby brother!

Rupert, is our little squishy faced pug pooch, who was nearly 2 when I found out I was pregnant. Without going into too much detail right now, as there is plenty of time for that later, I’ve always loved dogs, my family have always had dogs, my mum in particular loved dogs, so when she sadly passed away a couple of years ago it felt only natural to welcome a dog into our own little family. In a nutshell Rupert literally helped me through the toughest time of my life, and I adored, and still do adore him.

IMG_0180 (1)
Being pregnant, generally was amazing, I loved it, except the headache that lasted 7 weeks, but other than that it was all ok and rather enjoyable, overall I loved seeing my bump grow and who was there every step of the way… little Rupee. When hubby was away with work, Rupert was there, when my feet were swollen in the heat wave, Rupert was there…he was literally my side kick through the whole thing.

Image-1 (2)

Of course, with everyone asking us again and again, how we thought Rupert would cope with the new arrival, we did start to have some concerns, what if he hated the baby? What if he tried to suffocate him? What if he scratched his newborn eyes out? Could I really look after a baby and a dog? Crazy crazy thoughts, but all viable scenarios that needed to be considered and were considered but in terms of the right here and now, being pregnant with a pooch, we had nothing to worry about. Wait that is a lie, I did on multiple occasions google, “can a pug jumping on tummy hurt baby” but apart from that he was the best companion. He made me get off my lazy pregnant bottom and go for a walk and boy did we walk…right to the bitter end. By the end of my pregnancy I realised that it was in fact everyone else that was scaring me about Rupert and I had to remind myself that how he reacts to the baby is surely down to us and how we manage it? But the good thing was that it did make us think more about how he would react. So we set about our mission of making the introduction as smooth as possible with various training and nurturing, did it work? some it yes, some of it no!

4127a051-756d-4b3e-8294-9aeddb25a820 (1)

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