What you need to know before attending one of our walks

To help keep everybody safe on our walks please take the time to read the below before attending.

Everyone taking part in a Pooches & Prams walk does so at their own risk.

All dog owners at the walk are responsible for the control of their own dogs. Any conflict between dogs is strictly down to owners of those dogs involved and Pooches & Prams is not responsible for the outcome of any situation that may arise. Dog owners are fully responsible and liable for their animal should they cause or suffer any damage or injury.

All attendees of the walk are reminded that the terrain of the walk may be unstable, so please be aware of the possibility of slips, trips and falls. By attending the walk you are responsible for your own risk assessment and Pooches & Prams takes no responsibility for any accident or injury that may arise to owners or animals.

We want our walks to be safe at all times for everyone participating. To help keep them safe and fun please consider the following. 1) Please remember some dogs can be possessive and aggressive when sharing toys or balls. Please keep this to a minimum while walking as a group as fights can occur suddenly due to dogs being unwilling to share. 2) Please ask the owner’s permission when giving out treats as some dogs may have allergies or other health issues that could be affected by ingredients in treats. 3) Uncontrollable dogs must be kept on a lead. 4) Please respect other dog owners in the park if dogs are on a lead. This is your responsibility, not the Pooches and Prams.

Dogs must be kept under close control at all times and on lead where necessary.

Thank you for considering others on the walk.

Pooches & Prams are not responsible or liable for any situations, thefts, accidents, injuries or anything that may occur at a walk.

Photography and social media. By attending a Pooches & Prams walk you give your permission for photographs of you (and any person or dog you bring with you) to be used on social media and online. Please let the organiser know if you have any questions about this.

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