Tips for being at home with a dog and a baby

Thinking of ways to entertain a baby all day can be hard enough and to think of involving a dog or being at home with your dog being around can be a whole other challenge. Which I soon learnt during the colder months when we were stuck indoors and then again in the very hot days where going out was not an option. You just feel guilty putting the TV on all day so I came up with a few ideas to entertain and also how to manage both at home.

  1. Creating a dog and baby zone: Of course you want both of them to play and be the best-est of friends and depending on your dogs behaviours and characteristics this can and will happen but you must also be careful to keep the two slightly separate as things can get very dirty very quickly. I do think that things like dog licks, balls with dog saliva and sharing of food is the norm for people with a human and furry baby but it’s nice to try and keep things a little more manageable. Have an area where your dog/s can feel free to go and lie down and relax, have an area in the house or in the garden. You want to make sure that they both know they have their own space and things. Obviously the babies area will take over a lot more but that’s ok as long as they are aware of what is theres and you make their area comfortable for them.
  2. We separate toys by buying toys for them to share, confused? So in other words we taught Frank that his toys were his toys and kept his toy box out of reach of Sophia. We let him into our bedroom to choose a toy when he has some time to himself and taught him Sophia’s toys were hers, we did this by constantly saying ‘NO, not yours’ and eventually he got it. We did feel mean so we brought some durable light up balls that they can both play with, easy to wipe or clean during the playtime, you can purchase them from Amazon here. They love playing with them together.
  3.  Bubbles is another one you can do for ages and entertain both of them at the same time, again buy from Amazon here. Obviously some dogs may not react to the bubbles or may even get a little freaked out but others will love it, give it a go carefully and keep an eye on your dogs reaction so not to scare your baby. By playing with them both they will soon learn to play together and have fun.
  4. Another great idea is to play tea party picnic, Frank does just sit there and Sophia gives him pretend cakes which he takes every time (bless him!). Obviously I know that not every dog will be as patient so I would probably suggest sneaking some treats to keep them happy.
  5. This isn’t as fun a tip but is a very important one – please make sure if your dog is chewing on a bone or one of his toys that he is put somewhere away from your baby, and don’t let your baby take the bone from your dog. You must always have your eye on both of them and do not leave them alone. Even the friendliest of dogs may snap as it is their property and many dogs are territorial in this way.
  6. Another essential tip is to share your love, don’t ignore or leave your dog out as this is sometimes why dogs become jealous and rivalry may occur.

I hope this helps you to have fun, keep busy, keep entertained and build a strong relationship between the two buddies – because what’s cuter than a baby? A baby with a furry best friend!


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