Christmas Gift Inspo for baby and dog parents

It’s that jolly time of the year where we can eat what we want, sit around chatting and playing with family and for us lucky ones we have a dog and children to help create the magic and watch the Christmas glow grow.

I have found some gifts that are perfect for those with both a pooch and a baby/child, only we understand the true love that our heart holds and that is perfectly normal to be utterly obsessed with the furry sibling/child relationship.

So without further ado, here are the gifts I have found and couldn’t help but smile at:

Petlandia Personalised Dog Book (Start creating here)
This is such a cute book for your little one. You design your photo of your dog based on the breed photos and change the owner to your little ones name and you can also add the location you are in so it feels really personalised and a lovely read. £19.99 might seem a lot for a book but it is a special one so I think it is worth it.
Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.11.30.png

Personalised Crochet Pet Plush Portraits by Lovingly Handmade Crochet (purchase of NOTHS here)
This is such a great gift for a dog lover. Each one is totally one of a kind and unique. They work off photos you send. at £60 I think its a reasonable price considering you can keep forever.


Personalised Dog Toy Box from Its Personal UK off of Etsy (Purchase Here)
Let’s be honest since the little ones have arrived the furry companion has had to take a slight step back and especially when it comes to toys… I don’t know about you but Franks toys have been above the wardrobe and we only get some out that he plays with at a time BUT now Sophia is older we are ready to get them back out and explain his slobbery toys are his only. SO we will celebrate this new moment with a new toy box and how how perfect are these with the ‘Paws off’?!
dog toy box
Crochet Baby Gym £31.20 from The Crochet Magic Shop off of Etsy (purchase here)
This is just too adorable to not put on the list for inspiration, a perfect gift for a baby shower of a friend with a dog. It’s a little different and will ensure your baby knows it is in a dog loving household from the get-go!

baby gym


We hope you enjoyed our blog and apart from the top option they are all from small independent businesses which we like to support!

Merry Christmas Everyone! xxx




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