Just me myself and…. a toddler a dog and bump!

So I can officially now say I am pregnant as I am over the dreaded 12 week mark. We are so happy and excited to be introducing a new baby and sibling for Sophia.

When I was pregnant with Sophia I was lucky enough to be freelancing, so I choose a bit of work now and again but I managed to fit in naps (sometimes 6 hours a day) my prenatal yoga, home workouts, meditation, and i’d also take Frank for long leisurely walks. Safe to say it was a wonderful relaxing pregnancy where I bonded with bump and felt so prepared…I even decorated the whole nursery before the 15 week mark! This time, well as you can imagine it has been a little different…

The last 12 weeks has been very difficult. I have been so tired and even if I get a good night sleep (hubby has been amazing at helping out) I still don’t feel like I ever catch up. The days are intense with a toddler bounding about, Sophia does not keep still, she wants to explore and climb on everything which means I am always on my feet and on the go.

Thank goodness for her naps which is where I sit on the sofa with a cup of coffee, my laptop and get my chill out time. I home-cook all Sophia’s food so I have to fit that in as well as the chores around the flat and get myself ready…which is usually last on the list and sometimes when Sophia is awake.

Fitting in everything I need to do in a day is tough, I am naturally a scatty, disorganised person but over the years I have learnt to put processes in place to ensure I remember everything I need to do and keep myself as productive as possible. Baby brain definitely challenges this as even when I put a reminder in my phone my dory brain will forget in seconds, so lists now a days are more important than ever. This is how I keep organised with daily life at the moment:

    Sophia gets up at 6.30am and there is NO chance I am getting up before that, mostly because she is not the perfect all nighter sleeper. So Sam (my wonderful husband) makes breakfast for us all the night before, for myself, him and Sophia.  He makes ‘overnight oats’. It’s super easy you just put blueberries and coconut milk into a blender blitz it up and pour over oats in a tupperware container and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning you scope it out into a bowl, and I drizzle some honey over it and Sophia loves it! Also, did you know blueberries are the best fruit you can eat and nutritionists advise to eat some EVERYDAY! Oats are also the healthiest grain you can eat so a breakfast to start the day right.
  2. CHORES (cleaning)
    Luckily we only have a small flat, in saying that we are still currently on the look out for a cleaner as I have so little energy and I need all the time I can get. I usually do most of my chores on a Monday when Sophia naps this then leaves time for the rest of the week to just go over things and keep tidy (not as easy as said). I am sorry this is the only thing I have to say on this one, not my favourite thing to do but it has to get done!
    This is the one thing that I can speak about positively but it can still be a challenge getting the energy to exit the house. Once I am out it is so good for all of us, fresh air does wonders for you, the best medicine for a foggy head which seems quite consistent when pregnant. I usually put Sophia on reins and let her use up as much energy as possible while Frank runs about but usually just follows Sophia and does everything she does.
    This is an area I didn’t want to skimp on as I am very passionate about eating well and getting the right nutrients as I am a strong believer it is how our mood is determined. During pregnancy if you don’t eat well there is research that shows the child can have affects from this in the future…how true this is I don’t know but it definitely won’t do any harm eating well when pregnant…and don’t get me wrong I still indulge A LOT! I just makes sure I also get the good stuff in me too. Sophia is a nightmare in eating veg at the moment and I have tried a lot of (in my opinion) delicious recipes… not all of these were successful with Sophia but I hope that they will be successful for you:
    – Veggie Mac ‘n’ Cheese: Find recipe here
    – Tomato and Tapenade Puff Tarts: find recipe here
    – Chicken Thai Curry ( I sometimes make this with white rice rather than noodles): find recipe here
    – Also I always have to have frozen fish fingers and peas in the freezer just in case as I know she will always eat that! always better to be a happy, less stressed mummy/daddy than getting upset with them over not eating.

I hope some of these tips work for you, as they seem to put a bit of order in the house leaving me, baby and dog happier with the routine. I will leave you with the biggest tip of all : TAKE ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET !

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