Coping with dog walks in winter with a toddler

Pooches & Prams was created based around encouraging people to get out the house with your children and pooches and enjoy the outdoors for your mind and soul. In recent months it’s become challenging for even us to get out and stay out for a good amount of time, we have on some occasions given up – jumped in the car and whacked up the heating to get home to snuggle up with tea and Hey Duggee. However, we are determined to not only get out the house but actually enjoy the wintery weather because let’s be honest – we have it a lot in England so we may as well embrace it.

I have found the biggest issue is keeping Sophia’s hands warm, I have tried mittens and she seems to be fine with keeping them on most of the time and the ones with the string are definitely the best so that you don’t keep loosing them. You have to have a bit of patience with getting them on and ensuring the thumb is in the right place but she actually seems to enjoy wearing them. You can purchase these ridiculously cute mittens off Amazon for a very reasonable price, see here.

bunny mittens.JPG

Secondly following on from the cold hands issue, another bargain buy off Amazon is this heart small hand warmer that appears like a tiny hot water bottle but you crack the gel and it warms up, I either put it in her pram cover (I will go into this in the next point) or I get her to hold it for a bit if her hands are really cold which she does for a whole 30 seconds but it seems to do the trick. buy here.


There is a lot of pram covers out there that range from different prices, we again, brought off trusty Amazon because when I want something I want it tomorrow so that’s why I love it. We brought this cover for £16.99 and it has been brilliant, it is fleece lined and I do put a cover inside as it is a little thin but it really keeps Sophia snuggly in the pram. Purchase here.

*Also the babyccinos really help to warm the cockles too! It’s just extra frothy milk (Sophia has oat milk)

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

OK, so now we have a warm toddler, the question is to toddle or to sit in the cosy pram. Sophia hates being in the pram and loves to be on-the-go exploring and seeing things and usually if it isn’t bitter it takes her mind of the cold weather BUT recently it has been so cold that she suddenly realises and wants to go home. So my solution (and only been tested a handful of times, so still very much in the middle of trying this out) is a snow suit when walking and most importantly a hat. I find hats so hard to keep on Sophia but I get them on when she is preoccupied and it really really helps her. This snowsuit is from Regatta and is currently down from £50 to £14.95 (Yes I love myself a bargain, sorry not sorry!!). I still put her in the pram when I am going to the local shop or for a walk with Frank around the block but if it’s in the park and they have space to roam and Frank can go off lead then I will always rein it or let her run off if its safe but the reins help to control where we go and when it’s time to go home it’s a lot easier then picking her up as she can sometimes kick off.

DA992A35-DF63-4FBF-9DC9-557D2FA5CAB4.jpegAs I said at the beginning it is so important to get out of the house and get some fresh air, let the kids run about/explore and burn some energy but then I think it is safe to say you deserve a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa and cake! I am not going to list all the places you can go as that is for another blog post but keep an eye on our Instagram (@poochesandprams) for inspiration on places to go that our dog friendly and some are healthy or provide free babyccinos!

The best thing about getting out is that it is a fun, stimulating activity. a little myth buster is cold weather does not make you ill but being in contact with viruses, so keep hands sanitised, being dog owners I am sure you will always have a hand sanitiser to hand (excuse the pun).

Please join us for our free walks so we can battle the cold together and feel great afterwards whilst making new friends. See all our latest events here. 

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