A hands free dog lead…game changer or game over?

Between us we’ve tried out lots of different dog and baby products, but to try one that kind of combines them both is exciting.

This month we tested out a product by UK brand Dogs & Horses.

We’ve loved these guys for a while now, Rupert’s first ever collar was a gorgeous blue rolled leather collar which lasted beautifully – he’s moved onto a black one now with brass fittings, which suits his colouring really well. That’s the nice thing about these products, they are classic but also have an edge to them, the trendy colours and added details mean they are often seen on the big screen (The Kingsman film is where we first clocked their products on tele). So, you get the idea, these guys know how to do well made, cool dog accessories, but will their multi-purpose adjustable lead be one to win us over?

As the name suggests, the lead can be used in multiple ways, standard lead, long lead, and most exciting for us, a hands free lead. Until now we’d never even thought about buying a hands free lead, but we’re starting to wonder why, as the idea of having your hands free whilst pushing a pram or holding the reins of our rogue toddlers, sounds dreamy.

Check out their products here.

If you fall in love with any of the products then please free to use our code ‘POOCHES15’ at checkout to receive 15% off.

Have a watch to see what we think.


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