Coffee & Cake Event with children and pooches

We had a fabulous first event full of coffee, cake, pooches, children and a very encouraging and motivational chat by the wonderful Claire from MamaClub. We honestly had so much fun and received great feedback from our lovely guests.

Instead of me telling you how good the event was, we would like to share some of the event highlights with you…

C240 2019-03-21_120#V01

Claire from MamaClub speaking about Mum Guilt and how to turn it into a positive. C240 2019-03-21_123#V01C240 2019-03-21_181C240 2019-03-21_170#V01C240 2019-03-21_086#V01C240 2019-03-21_091#V01C240 2019-03-21_038C240 2019-03-21_046C240 2019-03-21_097C240 2019-03-21_111C240 2019-03-21_154C240 2019-03-21_118#V01C240 2019-03-21_172#V01C240 2019-03-21_175

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