Windsor Great Park – a perfect day out for families with dogs and children

Windsor Great Park – well what can I say other than, ‘great’ sums it up nicely. We headed there in spring which was a lovely time of year to go as all the blossom trees were out and the weather was getting just that touch warmer.

As a family, Nick and I (and I know Izzy and Sam do the same) often spend time looking for fun places we can go to on a weekend with Arthur and Rupert for a nice walk to have a change of scenery to our usual haunts, our tick list is always; not too far away, coffee and snacks on site, toilets, parking and lots of open space.

Windsor Great Park is MASSIVE. There are a couple of different car parks (which aren’t the cheapest, that’s the only downside), we parked at the Virginia Water one as there is a coffee kiosk by the car park so we knew we could grab a drink before we headed off. You can see all the different car parks here.

The scenery is stunning and you can either go for a short walk or spend the whole day there, honestly there are so many different areas to explore, it’s so much fun for the kids and dogs (and adults). There are some restrictions with the dogs and they do have to be kept on a lead in some areas, so worth checking that out before you go so you are aware, have linked it here for you.


It’s about an hour’s drive from North London, so we don’t go there all the time but we have been back twice since our first visit. We have good friends that live in South London and Surrey so it’s a perfect place to meet if we all want to get out of London for the day.


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