Pug life – daily health checks

PUGS ARE EVERYWHERE. Mugs, T-shirts, pencil cases you name it and a pug is on it. Yes they are super cute, yes they are wonderful dogs BUT they do require a lot of care behind the scenes to keep them happy and healthy. Here’s my little daily ‘health check’ routine I do with Rupert to keep on top of common health issues that can occur in the breed.


1. CHECK HIS EYES. Due to pugs prominent eyes they are prone to ulcers, and Rupert has already had a few. Ulcers are terrifying as if not treated quick enough they can result in the loss of the eye which unfortunately happens to lots of pugs. So each night I check his eyes to see that they are not red or showing any signs of cloudiness.


2. CLEAN HIS WRINKLES. The folds in a pugs face need daily cleaning to stop a build up of bacteria forming which can lead to infection, so each night I take warm water and cotton pads and give them a clean, making sure they are wiped dry after, so excess moisture isn’t left in the folds.


3. FEEL HIS WAIST. Pugs are greedy monkeys and if they get too overweight it can have an impact on their breathing, so I check his tummy and that I can see some kind of definition on his waist. If I can’t, I know I need to up the exercise and cut back on treats.

Obviously these are just the little things I do daily to try and are by no means a full health check. Just wondering if any other pug owners do other things are part of their daily routine? Would love to hear your thoughts, so please do comment below or drop us a DM on instagram @poochesandprams


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