Why Frenchie’s are a great family dog

Frenchie’s come under a lot of fire for being a ‘fashionable’ breed, i’ve personally come under the spotlight for having one on multiple occasions. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I do understand the severity of the health issues that brachycephalic dogs can suffer with. But it’s Friday and instead of sharing the hate we wanted to share the love and let you know why our Frenchie Frank is a wonderful family dog.

– He’s a great size, small but not too small so he of course needs exercise but not a huge amount, which whilst living in an apartment, suits us very well. Frank has a 5k walk most days and then a longer one twice a week and this is a good balance for him.

– He is great with kids. He gives Sophia lovely cuddles but also plays with her, he’s not aggressive in any way, he’s very gentle but they can also have a controlled rough and tumble together which they both love.

– He is very low maintenance in terms of grooming so we don’t have to fork out or plan grooming every month, he gets his nails clipped every 3 months and we have to wipe under his eyes quite regularly. This might be just Frank but he hates getting dirty, doesn’t go near puddles so he stays clean for a long time and we only bathe him maybe every 4 months or so (he hates getting wet!)

– He is hilarious and has a huge personality, we honestly laugh out loud on most days with Frank.

– Frenchie’ s are known for farting! But since we changed Frank’s food to raw he farts a lot less and is generally in great shape, his breath also smells better, his coat is shinier and I am sure he snores less – although still snores.

I’d love to know what your Frenchie is like and whether they share any similarities with Frank, so do leave a comment below and happy end of the week x

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