Hygiene with dogs and children

It can be tricky to keep as hygienic as possible with children and a dog. Our toddlers have grown up with our dogs and don’t quite understand that sharing snacks is not hygienic and sometimes you can’t be quick enough to stop it… or you would prefer them to eat the rest of that carrot and if sharing with the dog helps… 🤷🏽‍

“It’s well known that people with pets, on the whole, are healthier and live longer than those without. This is partly because of the stress-busting effect our companion animals have, but also because exposure to them boosts immunity, especially in children” say Petplan.

But of course there is a line, and a few simple hygiene practises can help keep this under control.

Here’s a few of the little things we do:

  1. Laundry sanitizer: Washing the dogs bed with a laundry sanitizer can help keep away the germs, most are animal friendly but just check label first.
  2. Hand sanitizer: We have this at the ready in an easy-to-grab compartment of the changing bag. Great after you have picked up poo and want to give snacks to your toddler!
  3. Water wipes; Never without these, they are dotted all over the house so quick to grab if the dogs slobber over one of the kids toys or the kids grab one of their toys with slobber all over it.
  4. Washing hands; We ‘try’ to get the kids to wash their hands before they eat anything, or after they’ve been playing outside, easier said than done.
  5. Licking; The dogs often try to lick, out of love, if they do, we give a quick wipe and try and distract with a toy to play with them so they have something else to focus on.

Petplan also suggest washing your dog’s bowls regularly and washing your dog after they’ve been in the mud so they don’t bring it back into the house, which we always have the intention of doing but sometimes, as you know, the moment passes! We’ve both definitely got more chilled about lots of the other ‘rules’ you read about this all but the above we do try and stick to, we can but try hey…

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