Subscription boxes for dogs and their owners! Hounds and Hers Review

We received the loveliest package from Hounds and Hers. I absolutely love coming across brands which are innovative especially when they involve anything to do with dogs. This involves dogs and us! The packaging for one is gorgeous and it’s something I would love to receive every month. It is £20 a month which is more than the beauty subscriptions such as Birchbox and Glossybox however this is essentially a box for two.

Although it says dogs and beauty, the box I received is a lot more than just beauty, it’s products you can enjoy whilst relaxing. I am going to run through the products with my thoughts in order of my most to least favourite. Please also look at our Instagram page (@poochesandprams) and look at the highlight cover ‘P&P Loves’ for more videos and photos.

  1. Elderflower Cider by Kentish PIP
    This was delicious and perfect for a hot summers day. It was a crisp light flavour and very thirst quenching. I really enjoyed this and makes a change from wine or a g&t.
  2. Tapestry Cosmetic Bag by Signare 
    This is a really cute small ‘cosmetic’ bag but as it came in the box for dogs it actually made me think I could use it as a poo/treat bag for Frank. I would love to take this out if someone asked me for a poo bag or if I am giving out treats.
  3. Eat slow, Live Longer: Feed & Treat Roller by Holland Animal Care

    This was good fun and it looks very pretty (I think because it’s pink!) there is 5 holes in different sizes which you twist for the treats to fit through the hole and then get your pooch to roll and and get the treats. It’s easy to use and apparently it promotes mental health which is always a win.
  4. Random Rewards by the Dog House recipe by Michel Roux
    These are low on the list mainly because how on earth can I tell if Frank liked these better than other treats?! they were gone in seconds like anything else I give him. I love the idea they are made by chef Michel Roux and the ingredients are all natural. They are small as they are training treats so great to take out and the packaging is a gorgeous small tin.
  5. Hounds & Hers treats by Posh Pet Kitchen.
    These were really lovely looking treats and had ‘Hounds and Hers’ written onto them which was a really nice touch. The treats as above went down really well with Frank. So actually feels unfair to put near the bottom, but something had to be down here!
  6. Happy Bears by Jealous Sweets
    These sweets are vegan and sugar free so for that they are a winner. They are lemon and apple flavour which is nice and summery. The only issue for me was that there are sweeteners in there which are not the best for you and I find the taste really artificial. Would I buy them again? probably not. I really like the idea of them being animal product free but personally I really dislike that artificial taste so not for me. A great thing to try though.

Overall I would say this was a wonderful box to receive and I have really enjoyed trying all the products. I love the philosophy of spoiling your dog but also treats for yourself. They show how they care about your dogs health with the roller and also animal cruelty in general with the vegan sweets. I think this would be the perfect gift (3 month subscription) for a friend with a new puppy or just a friend that is obsessed with their pup.

If you decide to purchase, please feel free to use our discount code PandP which will get £5 off your first order.


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