Leigh-on-Sea – dog friendly day trips

Looking for day trips which entertain the kids but you don’t have to leave the dog at home all day can be tricky.  We did our research and went scouting and came across Leigh-on-Sea, this stood out to us because it was only an hour away from North London by car and it had a beach which is not easy to find so close to home.

Before we went we did see that no dogs are allowed on the beach between 1st May – 30th September but they are allowed on the pier and there was a dog friendly cafe/restaurant which looked lovely so although it was within the restriction date we thought there was enough to do so off we went!

The journey was great, really nice easy and we parked up in a little car park just off the pier. The whole Pooches & Prams team met up which meant we could take turns having a stroll on the beach with the kids whilst one of us waited on the pier with the dogs. It’s a small beach strip but was big enough to enjoy and get your sand fix.

For lunch we headed to Saras Tea Garden click here. It has vegan and vegetarian options and the food was yummy. The garden is really pretty, very enchanted, it has enough space to keep your prams at the side. The kids enjoyed some ice-cream as a treat, they had colouring books to keep them entertained which meant we managed to grab 5 minutes to have a coffee! #WinWin.


We wandered around the town, down the cobbled street and it genuinely felt like we were far far away from London. The kids loved going on the pier, watching the boats and looking for ducks and crabs and if you are lucky you might even see some seals! The dogs were happy to have some fresh air by the sea and said hi to all the other doggies (there was lots about!).

It was a wonderful day trip and one we will do again for sure as it ticks all the boxes and you can leave after lunch and get home at a decent time.

*TOP TIP – check tide times before you start your journey.




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