Dog friendly chains across the UK

I always say that it would be a lot easier taking Frank into the shops than Sophia, so it makes me laugh that some stores are not dog friendly, you should really be thinking of toddler friendly!

Lucky for us pooch mama and papas, there are quite a few dog friendly chains and we are on the look-out for EVERY one of them. We have put our top 5 below but if you know any more than please do not hesitate to get in touch and tell us and we will go and check it out.

  1. Paperchase

    This is a great one if you forgot that last minute birthday card or you’re early for a friend and love a good browse while you wait. This only applies to freestanding stores but there are loads of them about.
  2. John Lewis

    Probably a joint favourite store for Victoria and I. They just do everything you could possibly need so if you are out with your pooch or don’t want to leave them at home all day and need to stuff for the house, beauty products, clothes for any member of the family (including your dog!) then pop on down to your nearest store. Again, this only applies to freestanding stores so check it is not within a shopping centre, also they are not allowed in the cafe which I guess we will take.
  3. Starbucks

    This one is for the tired mamas (or papas!) we all need to grab a coffee regularly and it’s so annoying having to get one to go or not finding somewhere to go. We all loved it when we found the drive-thru Starbucks on the A10 when baby was sleeping so to find out the coffee stores our also dog-friendly, well, Starbucks you are giving us life.
  4. Liberty’s

    Ok, so it’s not everyday you swan off to Liberty’s but if you are in town then you have to go to Liberty’s as it is a beautiful store to wander round and they are SO dog friendly. I was stopped by so many peopler to talk about their pooches, it’s like hidden gem for where dog lovers shop. Their dog range is also stunning with products with the Liberty print on, go on…your pooch totally deserves it.
  5. Waterstones
    Nowadays our book choices are parenting/dog treat or books for the kids vibes but we still love having a good browse and I don’t know about you but there is something so special about buying a new book for your child/children. Waterstones have always had the best selection in our opinion along with a lovely children toy section too.

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