Home Spa Experience for your Dog with Dug and Bitch

Being a mum of two time is obviously limited but that doesn’t mean that Frank has to take a total back seat and I want to give him the best care that I can. Getting to the groomers isn’t something that I can do with him that often and with Frenchies, their fur can go a bit corse if it is not washed and well looked after. So, that’s why a spa kit you can do at home is perfect.

I came across the brand Dug & Bitch when I was looking for clean bath products for Frank and I brought the Fur no.3 (click here) which is an organic coconut base shampoo, £11.99. I loved how clean it was as Frank has sensitive skin and anything fragranced or unnatural would really irritate his skin. The packaging is also gorgeous and actually one of my favourite products on display in the bathroom at the moment. 

We were lucky enough to be gifted the Spa Kit No.7 (click here) which is Organic Juniper-berry, floral water, virgin coconut oil and Scottish Oats skin and fur conditioner.

So firstly you get a tub with all the gorgeous mini glass bottles inside as well as oats, and you make it up yourself, which I actually found really fun (call me sad!)

  1. Take out all the products out of the tub
  2. Put the bottle of coconut oil in hot water so it can melt and cool down before you need it.
  3. Pour in oats, juniper water and the coconut water
  4. Pour in 1/2 cups (approx 400ml) of warm water
  5. Mix all together with wooden stick
  6. Put lid back on and leave to stand for 5 mins

Very simple but honestly, its the best product I have used for Frank. I am all about clean and natural products for him and my kids (an earth mum at heart), it feels, looks and smells natural and Frank did try to eat some of the oats which is fine as it isn’t harmful which is nice to know. He enjoyed his spa experience as did I. It saved a lot of time and energy by not going to the groomers and Frank had soft, shiny fur and smelt so good1

The product itself is £22 which I know sounds a bit expensive for a one-off dog product but I think as it is hard to find such clean products and well made it is actually a good price and if you cost up getting to and back from a groomers as well as the treatments itself, it works out a lot cheaper and as I said more practical for a mum of two. We are also able to offer our followers 20% off with the code PANDP20 [not to be used in conjunction with any other offer] This would also be a great gift for someone with a new puppy!

Watch the full video of our Spa experience Here

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