Top 5 scents for your home (that help mask the nappy and dog smell!)

Izzy and I both LOVE a home scent, whether that’s a candle or a diffuser. For us they are multi functional, firstly they allow you to create a calming evening vibe once the kids have gone to sleep, regain the adult space in many ways and secondly they help mask smells! When you live in fairly smallish spaces, have kids and dogs, sometimes things just get a bit pongy!

For me at the moment, scent also has another powerful meaning. I’ve started hypno birthing with the wonderful Elise from Birth Bubble in North London. One of the biggest things i’ve learnt is the importance of your senses when trying to raise your levels of oxytocin. Touch, taste, sight, sounds and of course smell. A smell can not only relax you and uplift you, it can transport you into a place of familiarity and comfort.

So with all of the above in mind, we’ve compiled our top 5 smells at the moment.


Nick got me the wellbeing pod for my birthday and honestly i’m obsessed! It looks so stylish, easy to use and the scents are amazing. Interestingly I thought I would find the ‘Sleep’ oil the most relaxing (Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine) but it’s actually ‘Happy’ that is my favourite (Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon). It is pricey but I use it everyday so well worth the money in my mind.



This smaller brand is run by Cathy who used to work as a natural therapist so knows the importance of smell. All her candles are made with soy wax rather than paraffin wax, all the lids are made from bamboo and all the oils completely natural. Her passion for creating eco friendly, beautiful smelling and sleek looking home fragrances has got us hooked! Our favourite is ‘Rejuvenate’.



We met Victoria, founder of Opari at a dog show and were instantly drawn to her beautiful smelling diffuser. Her packaging and labelling is clean and attractive (you’d expect nothing less from an interior designer!) and the fact that the scent was designed for doggy loving households ticks our boxes. She also has a cute range of dog collars and leads which we will certainly be checking out.


4. ALDI, No.3 POMEGRANATE, £3.49 

Now this is obviously a completely different purchase to the ones above, it isn’t natural like the others we’ve mentioned but sometimes budgets mean spending £25 on a candle is simply too much and this Aldi candle does the job. Granted it doesn’t last long but it does smell lovely and is a great option for a family home.



An absolute treat, this is one of my favourite smells EVER and if I could I would have it in my house all day everyday. It is a luxury and something I often ask for as a Christmas present (sometimes to myself :)) but I adore the smell and although it usually only lasts 5 months, they are 5 sweet smelling months.


So there we are, some lovely smells for your busy family home!




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