Mamas need to “Seascape” sometimes…

This week I have been so unwell to the point I couldn’t move. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Sam, HUGE shoutout to the single mums. Your toddler, dog and baby show you no mercy and will not give you a break, they expect the same service as always! It was a VERY hard week and once Friday arrived I felt slightly human again but still not 100% at all and needed to take things easy but I felt a pamper sesh was in need to at least make me feel a bit better about myself.

This brand Seascape had kindly gifted us some products, so it was the perfect excuse to try them out. The brand is made in the UK using only natural ingredients.

I had the ‘Uplift Sea Salt Body Scrub’ and the ‘Uplift Body Lotion’ to give a go, which sounds perfect for when you have been under the weather. It is recommended to use these two products together but we are told that both work well separately too. I used the scrub in the bath, the smell is so fresh, clean and invigorating, it really did give me a little “uplift”. The texture is silky smooth and quite gentle but you can still feel it working.

I followed up after the bath using the cream which was a thin texture, I usually prefer a thicker consistency but actually this sunk into the skin really well and left me feeling silky soft. The smell again was lovely and fresh.

Nowadays, I try to find products which are 100% natural as they really can play up on my skin otherwise but also, Sophia has eczema and I don’t want any of my products to rub off on her and irritate her. It’s really hard to find products which feel, smell and work well that are natural and I can honestly say this brand ticks those boxes. They do a whole range of products for children as well which I will definitely be trying out.

As a mum, I know how much we sometimes need that little boost or “uplift” now and again and these product offer luxury, spa like treatments while invigorating you to get on with your day or enjoy the rest of you evening, depending when you use the product. If you want to also give these products a go we can offer you a 33% discount which can be used on any Seascape purchase using the code P&P33% click here!

Enjoy your pampering sesh 🙂


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