Toys to keep toddlers and dogs entertained at home

Initially the idea behind this piece was my ‘survival’ kit for when baby comes. I started collecting bits and bobs whenever I saw them so I had a little stash of new toys to keep Arthur and Rupert entertained when I had a newborn baby. As the situation developed with the Coronavirus I had delve into my basket of tricks earlier than expected but nonetheless I am glad I had them!

I know presents don’t solve all problems, and there are definitely cheaper ways of entertaining the kids and dogs at home (keep an eye out for blog posts on this soon!) but when you are 40 weeks pregnant sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here’s what is in Arthur’s treat basket – I got most from Argos as they have a click and collect section in our local Sainsbury’s.

1. Duplo, £17, Argos. Brilliant for imaginative play as well as hand eye coordination.


2. Kinetic Sand, £15, Argos Great for mess free sandcastle building and fact it comes with a digger was a winner for Arthur.


3. Orchard puzzles, £14, Argos. I love Orchard puzzles and have brought them since Arthur was little. The best bit, they replace any missing pieces, just contact them through the website.


4. STICKERS! £6, Amazon. Because you always need stickers and especially the padded ones like these that the kids can take off themselves.


5. Play-Doh Super Colour Kit, £11, Argos.  Arthur got this for Christmas so I kept some of the colours back (partly so they didn’t end up all one mucky colour!). It’s amazing how one pot of ‘new’ Play-Doh can reinvent the activity.


Here’s what is in Rupert’s – they are all from Fetch as I would add one a week to my regular Ocado shopping to spread out the cost.

1. Whimzees Dog treats, £8.99, Fetch. I like these treats for Rupert as they are made from natural ingredients, and break down into small pieces. Plus they keep him entertained for about 15 minutes.


2. Kong elephant toy, £5.49, Fetch. Rupert loves anything soft, plus I thought it would distract him from the new baby toys coming into the house soon.


3. Small tennis balls, £2.49, Fetch. Perfect size for Rupert’s small mouth, but certainly not for bigger dogs. Great for games that Arthur and Rupert can play together.


4. Tasty Bone, start from around £5, Fetch. I like these for Rupert as they don’t splinter off like ‘real’ bones. I always get small or medium for him (pug).


Hope this helps! x


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