Virtual Baby Shower

Having a baby shower in isolation, especially for your first must feel gutting BUT another way to look at it is that we are in history right now, not many people can say they have experienced a virtual baby shower, imagine telling your baby that!

Myself and another girl were asked to plan and organise a baby shower for my oldest friend (i’ve known her since I was 0!) so we quickly got to it, booking a fancy gastro pub in Dulwich, close to where she lives. Plans very quickly changed and we ended up sending out amended invites this time to a…zoom party. Having to change the plans made us more determined than ever to make our friends new ‘virtual baby shower’ super special, which in turn made us think more creatively and outside the box.

So for anyone planning a virtual baby shower or if you want one yourself, this is what we did:

First, we got a care package sent to her door a few days before the big day to get her excited. We told her she couldn’t open anything until after the baby shower, however we let her open this one to start the celebrations.


The package contained:

  •  Decorations from Ginger Ray:  Baby foil balloon, ‘Oh Baby’ napkins, ‘Mummy to be’ sash
  • Sweeties (in the pink bags) and chocolates
  • Dada book by Jimmy Fallon so we had a little something in there for daddy to be.4AB74F52-60D3-4F39-AF33-0EB9BF117F22
  • Lactation biscuits (from a local pharmacy to the girl organising who lives in Dublin) When I was breastfeeding I brought milkshakes and biscuits from Mama Bear Milk Boosts – click here which I will probably buy for my friend after she has had the baby. 87DF5B5A-73CC-4CF1-AFEC-BC7EB643AFF3
  • Eye Gel pads and Bloom and Blossom night time pillow spray as she is struggling with pregnancy insomnia06C05E6C-3F75-4116-B941-E3E13A076A5C
  • The Final Push from Hottea Mama – raspberry leaf tea is said to reduce the length of labour. Who knows if it’s true but doesn’t do any harm trying it and nice to have some herbal tea in the last few weeks. 582D4906-9259-4B72-9033-CC0E7E573C50
  • Bottles Popping Bottle opener, which was also sent to everyone that was invited too as a keepsake. These were purchased off Amazon £22 for 12 bottleopener

She LOVED receiving this and opening up, she was having a bad pregnancy day and said it gave her a boost of energy and she was so happy for the rest of the day.


We wanted the doorbell to be non-stop ringing with surprises for her and she said it really was and she was so giddy every time she heard the bell.

We worked with a local bakery Dulwich Bakery who sent some polka dot cupcakes (this was our theme because she loves pandas so wanted it to nod to pandas with the black and white but still remain pretty and classy). They also sent some alcohol free prosecco as a favour because it saved us relying on postage and sending from where we were and we thought it would be lovely to receive both together.


We sent some heart shaped helium balloons in cream as she doesn’t know the sex. Also spot Geoff the giraffe which was my main gift to her, if you have a good friend, I can’t recommend this more, her and her partner absolutely love him! Purchase from John Lewis here. 


Of course we had to send her some blooms and we want for this beautiful spring bunch from Bloom & Wildflowers

The beautiful pregnant mama and papa. The dress is not maternity, she brought one size up from what she is. Buy off ASOS here.



We tried doing a virtual background with polka dots but it didn’t work for all of us and was quite annoying/scary! so took it off after she saw it.


I got all the games from Print Buzz in gold and I sent them all to the attendees. They were just for reference or to fill out and send to mummy to be so she could keep as a keep sake. We put the True or False and the Labour or Lust games on Kahoot which you can sink up with Zoom, it’s great as it keeps everyone interested and also gets people very competitive. It has a countdown and marks people for how quick they are answering as well as the right answer and you see how you are doing on the league table with each question.

The games I chose were:

  1.  Labour or Lust : photos of women faces during labour or from porn videos (lol) and you have to guess which one
  2. True or False: all about newborns
  3. Guess the bump size: I sent a tape measure to the mummy to be and everyone guesses in cm how big they think her bump is
  4. Baby wisdom: top tips for mummy to be
  5. Baby Predictions : speaks for itself

I can confirm it was a really fun successful day and the mummy to be loved everything. I don’t think we could have done any better if I don’t say so ourselves haha.

If you have ANY questions then please get in touch and I would be happy to help.

If you do plan a virtual baby shower, I hope you have the best time and know that it can be a really special day.

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