Dog shampoos – tried and tested

We’ve done a couple of posts about grooming in the past but with the current lockdown in place and no option to go to the groomers, finding a good dog shampoo is even more important.

There are of course the big pet brand shampoos (which we will share our favs with you another time) but for this post we wanted to share some of the smaller brands.

We found this brands through instagram, some of them have been going a while, others are relatively new but like with anything we recommend, we only do so if we have personally tried it ourselves (well on our dogs in this case).

So here’s a few for you to check out.


Wild for Dogs – So fresh, So clean shampoo, £14.50 for 150ml (which does 10 washes on a small dog).

Firstly the packaging of their products is beautiful, i’m happily displaying this bottle of shampoo in my bathroom as it looks super stylish and in fact quite luxurious. The bottles themselves are recyclable which is brilliant and unlike other brands that claim they are ‘natural’ these guys actually are. The shampoo itself is made up of 99.5% natural ingredients so it doesn’t have that strong perfume like fragrance to it like some of the high street brands, the smell of lavender is subtle but still present and honestly Rupert’s coat after using it was so soft, almost velvet like. It isn’t the cheapest of shampoo’s but if you have a dog like mine who has sensitive skin then I would highly recommend it. Sleek looking, Eco friendly and fantastic looking coat afterwards means this is my top pic for Rupert.


Bare Bubbles – Shampoo bars, £5 per bar

I’d not tried shampoo bars before, so was keen to give them a go and was actually pleasantly surprised. The massive plus is that they don’t come in a plastic bottle, it’s a simple recyclable sleeve and then the bar itself. The only slight issue with this is that storing them can be a little bit messy, I ended up using a small soap tray to keep mine on. The bar I tried out on Rupert was the ‘Freshening’ bar which is made up of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E, so there are nasties which is right up our street. As I have mentioned Rupert has sensitive skin and this bar worked well for him, no irritation at all so that’s a big thumbs up from us. The smell itself was really lovely and fresh, hence the title of the bar 😉 and they last a while, my bar is still going and we’ve done about 5 washes already. The only slight downside as I have mentioned is the storing of the bar and also as the bar gets smaller it’s slightly trickier to hold when rubbing on your dog. However the price, and the fact they are plastic free is a big positive and I would certainly recommend as an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on ingredients.



For all Dogkind – Super Soothing Shampoo for Itchy skin, £9.99 for 250ml

I came across this brand in the shop Love my Human which has some great brands so although it’s not in beautiful packaging (which would usually grab my attention at first) it did say it was good for sensitive skin which Frank needs. They very kindly sent me the shampoo, the mix bottle and the conditioner spray! It has a A LOT of ingredients in it and some which I don’t know what they are so it’s not completely clean. It smells incredible, the lavender is really prominent. When I was washing Frank with it, loads of dirt came out, I am not sure if he was just extra dirty or if the shampoo was more effective than others but there was lots of dirt coming off him. He smelt amazing and was so shiny after his bath but the ingredients and the packaging didn’t make me love this product, saying that Frank had no irritation and was super shiny and soft!

IMG_7321 (1)

Dug & BitchFur No.3 Organic Coconut Base Shampoo, £11.50 per bottle

This product packaging definitely didn’t disappoint! I love the amber glass bottles and the monochrome labels. The product is really natural and organic and it made Frank feel so soft. It lathered up well and it felt very luxurious. The only negative I would give about this product would be the website, although it looks nice – its not very clear and easy to find products, the ingredients are also very confusing with a rating system. I will however be purchasing again and will have a collection on display!



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