Making a HAPPY HOME during a lockdown

happyhomeAs most of you will know, I am in a 2 bedroom flat with two kids and a dog. It’s a lovely modern, good sized flat with plenty of space for a toddler to run laps around in the living area (yes, our neighbours hate us) but we need more space and a garden. We have been here 5 years and when we moved in, it was just us and Frank. It was perfect, we had many gatherings/ dinner parties. A big spare room for guests to stay and a balcony to enjoy drinks on all evening.

Now, it continues to adapt well to our situation, and we have really worked hard to keep it tidy, organised and as practical as we can but it’s not the easiest of places to make a family home. We play on the balcony, we have lots of space for activities and the girls share a room which has all worked well and actually I know people in small houses that struggle for space more than us. Living in this space has taught us to be clever with storage and not keep anything we don’t need, giving to charity or to friends & family.

I thought i’d share with you some of the things i’ve brought recently that make our small space HAPPY and work for our family.

So firstly, to keep all the toys together and so that the front room doesn’t look like a playroom I got these gorgeous rope baskets from Great Little Trading company : Click here


Also, the craft storage box on the left is quite handy to keep all the paper and small crafty bits together, you can find it Here.

I also found this awesome homeware store online called Silver Mushroom, whilst looking for a bread bin…we have so much bread/wraps/pitta etc and I think bread bins are not only practical but look quite cool. I think there is also some nostalgia there from growing up with them around. I also purchased the small pasta pot with the very cool cork lid. Have a browse here


The Happy Blossoms website is currently saying Sold Out of everything because they can’t keep up with the orders and it’s no wonder as the flowers I brought from them really are gorgeous and make the home feel so happy. I went for pink dried bunny tails and it gave the pop of colour that brightens up a room. They are only £22 and last up to a year which I just think it wonderful value. Keep your eye out incase they are available again which should be soon. I will be purchasing lots more colours and styles for sure.

IMG_7204Wax Melts from Maya Rey I want everything from this site! The packaging is so stylish and I got the Cuban Tabacco and Oak scent and I can’t tell you how good it smells, best smell ever. I want to try the others but I don’t know if anything could smell as good. The diffuser is off Ebay I just searched Ceramic Diffuser, the seller was called Piquaboo but you can find similar.

I’m a sucker for a candle and TK Maxx always has such a great selection .. damn you point of purchase! This one is smells so elegant, not overpowering and very fresh. You need plenty of candles and diffusers when you own a pet in my opinion.


And that’s all my bits I have recently purchased which honestly make me feel so happy when walking around or relaxing in the evening. It’s so important to make sure the place you are in is relaxing and calm (as much as it can be with kids!) especially during a lockdown.

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