Poo bag holders have certainly come a long way since the plastic bones and thank goodness because who needs more plastic in their life 🌎 If you’re going to pick up 💩 (which I seem to spend a lot of my day doing in some form or another from one of my ‘children’) you might as well look good whilst doing it hey?! Below are so super cute ones i’ve found from some lovely smaller brands, one value, one mid price and one high end.

GREAT VALUE – Two Dogs & Co, £12.50

I really think these pouches are great value for money and they come in such a beautiful range of colours. I absolutely love the fact that they are made from an alternative to leather as it’s important for not only our planet but our animals that we think consciously about the products we buy and their impact on our environment. Two Dogs & Co use cork, which is made from the bark of a cork oak tree, they look great, they are lightweight and are all handmade. What more could you want!


MID RANGE – Hiro + Wolf, £20 

I am a big fan of this brand as I love their ethos but also the bold prints and exciting fabric they choose for the products. I have personally used them with my own dog Rupert and can vouch for the quality and craftsmanship. Their poo pouches are handmade from thick leather and they come in a variety of fun colours and shapes. A great option if you want something simple but well made and will last.

Hiro & Wolf Dumpton Gap May 19

HIGH END – Dogs & Horses, £45

£45 I hear you say! Yep I know, they are expensive and this is certainly a treat, I like to call them the Prada of poo bag holders! They are stylish, and chic, made from leather and again I can vouch for the quality as Rupert has had Dogs & Horses collars since he was a puppy. I do tend to use this ‘poosh’ as they call it for special occasions (?!) as they are a little heavy especially when you have a smaller dog, so in my opinion these aren’t necessarily a brand I use everyday but they are my go to if I want something a bit fancy.


I hope you like the selection above, feel free to pop a comment below with any others you’ve found or tag me on instagram @poochesandprams


Victoria x

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