About me

Victoria is mummy to toddler Arthur, baby Fleur and pug Rupert. She created Pooches & Prams in 2018 (with her friend Isobel) as a lifestyle platform to showcase informative, fun, and memorable moments to inspire other parents with dogs and children. From the best to places to visit for the whole family, to the latest dog apparel trends, P&P is a one stop destination for all things dogs and babies. “I’ve spent hours looking online for places to take everyone that are both dog and child friendly and kept going round in circles, so created this to keep everything all in one place so others don’t have to trawl the internet like I did!”

“I am by no means an expert and all of these posts are based on my own experiences over the last few years, i’ve learnt on the job like any parent. Yes having a dog and a baby is hard work (especially in the rain) but the rewards are awesome. I want Pooches & Prams to celebrate everyone in the family including those with four legs!”

Contact Victoria at: hello@poochesandprams.co.uk