About us

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a collective that brings together people with dogs and babies, so if that’s you or someone you know…hello!

Victoria and I (Isobel) met through a mutual friend when we became new mums and were ‘set up’ because we both had dogs and were doing doggy walks with the babies most days. We instantly clicked and from then on we shared our walks with each other and our babies and dogs; Arthur, Sophia, Rupert and Frank. Over a year later and the relationship between us all has only grown stronger.

We all know, it can be hard enough getting out of the house when you’re a new mum, let alone walking the dog, so having someone else there to support and encourage you has been invaluable for us both. It has made walking the dog, part of ours and our babies social life, it’s a chance for all the family to get fresh air, exercise, company and the perfect way to clear those foggy parent heads. That’s why we set up Pooches & Prams, to create a community for parents with both a baby and dog in their life who are interested in meeting or reading about others in the same boat.

Our dogs Frank and Rupert are part of the family, and just because we had babies didn’t mean we wanted to forget about them. We both see them as a best friend for our babies and think that dogs are able to teach a lot to children growing up, ours in particular show patience, empathy, love and affection.

We hope that you find reading our posts or joining us on one of our walks useful and most of all fun. We are by no means ‘experts’ and all of our posts are based on our own experiences over the last year, we’ve learnt on the job like any parent. Yes having a dog and a baby is hard work (especially in the rain) but the rewards are awesome. The relationship between dog and a baby is like no other and we both say that our babies love their dog sibling more than anything else!

Contact us at: hello@poochesandprams.co.uk

Frank and RupertFrank (left) Rupert (right)

RomanceArthur (left) Sophia (Sophia)

Fun facts about Frank & Sophia

What is Franks and Sophia’s favourite food? 

Both LOVE peanut butter, I would say Sophia’s is tied with banana but Frank often has a spoon of peanut butter and goes crazy for it and Sophia loves hers on toast.

Whats the sweetest thing Frank has done for Sophia?

Sophia was once crying because she hit her head and I couldn’t get her to stop, frank was looking at her very concerned so he started running very fast back and forth and in circles and Sophia was giggling away in no time.

Whats the sweetest thing Sophia has done for Frank?

Shares her food with him (even when she is told not to) and she gets into his bed with him for cuddles.

What is their favourite game together?

Chasing each other. Sophia is usually pushing her walker and trying to run over Frank whilst screaming in excitement and then Frank will chase her around the dining table. They can do this for hours!

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Fun facts about Rupert & Arthur

What does Rupert love most about Arthur?

When Arthur ‘accidentally’ drops pieces of chicken (Rupert’s ultimate fav treat) from his highchair and Rupert just so happens to be underneath waiting…

What does Arthur love most about Rupert?

When Rupert comes to sit next to him when he’s having a bit of chill time, he loves to stroke him (weirdly he likes to stroke him with his feet ?! maybe his fur tickles as he does always have a little giggle… sweet – although maybe not so much for Rupert).

If Rupert could say one thing to Arthur what would it be?

“Keep feeding me the chicken bro and we’ll be just fine.

When is Rupert and Arthur’s favourite time of day?

Playing tug of war with Mr Fox, it’s cute to see how playtime has developed between the two of them. At first Arthur was not interested in playing with Rupert, then all Arthur wanted to do was play with Rupert and now it’s just a good balance. Surprisingly it’s 50:50 as to who wins.